Barbara Shy

Middle School Science


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Personal Mission Statement:

To be a loving and caring mom to my children.  To let them know that I will always love them and I will always be there for them.  I promise to help them build character and help them become productive members of society.

To be a loving and supportive wife.  To always be willing and able to do what needs to be done so that my husband can fulfill his dream.

To be a loving and supportive teacher who challenges students to look inside themselves and discover who they really are.

To be a loving and supportive friend.  My goal is to have my friends know that they can count on me for help and know that their secrets are safe with me.

To be known for always being prepared and being reliable.  I can be counted on to complete tasks that are asked of me.


Class Mission Statement:

As leaders in Mrs. Shy's 7th grade class, we will strive to always do our best.  We will build and encourage leadership and confidence in ourselves and others.  We will set a good example for younger grades by demonstrating the 7 Habits in our daily lives.  We will synergize to reach our goals and will seek first to understand before jumping to the wrong conclusion.