Dress Code FAQ   


Q: On the website, the description for shirts states 'collared' but not polo. Are any collared shirts acceptable? Such as button up shirts?

A: Yes, any collared shirt is acceptable, it does not have to be a polo shirt, buttoned up shirts (any sleeve length) are acceptable.


Q: The dress code also states 'blue' for bottoms, would this be navy blue, royal blue, or light blue?

A: Bottoms can be denim (without embellishments: embroidery, rhinestones, ect.,) Blue – or khaki – shorts, skorts or pants.  We had the darker blue in mind here, but will be OK with light blue as well.


Q: I know you had mentioned closed toed shoes, but many parents were wondering about shoe types. Are all shoes ok, as long as they are closed toed?

A: Closed toe, with a back strap.  The one exception is Crocs, Crocs are not allowed, as students tend to wear the back strap below their ankle. Our goal is simply to keep students safe – when it comes to playing, running and what not, we want their shoes to be appropriate.


Q: Because leggings are popular, do they (and tights/socks) have to be blue, black, grey or white or can they be any color?

A: We are sticking with clothing that is in our colors, blue, black, grey, white or yellow.


Q: Do sweaters and jackets have to be blue, black, grey or white or can they be any colors?

A: When it comes to the colors, keep in mind the school logo – blue, black, white, grey  and yellow.


Disclaimer:  it is our intention to make this as simple as possible.  Our goal is simply to not have to police what the students wear, as it can impede on the instructional time we have with our students.  Thank you for understanding.