Lottery - if applicable

If the number of students who wish to attend the charter school exceeds the school's capacity, attendance shall be determined by a public random drawing, except preferences shall be extended to students currently attending the charter school and their siblings. 

In the event of a drawing, the Board shall make reasonable efforts to accommodate the growth of the charter school and shall not take any action to impede the charter school from expanding enrollment to meet student demand. (Education Code 47605). If there are more students than seats available, students that are currently attending and their siblings will be exempt from the lottery.

Valley Life Charter School is a non-sectarian, not for profit, public school that does not discriminate against any pupil on the basis of race, religion, gender, or disability. We admit children from Kindergarten through twelfth grade. Students in grades kindergarten through sixth will enroll into either a site based program, or a small percentage may enroll in a home-school program. Students in grades seventh through twelfth will have an option during the first year to enroll into the independent study program.  Students may complete applications during open enrollment for Valley Life Charter School.

In the event there are more students than spaces, a public lottery will be held for those that completed the application during the open enrollment period. A lottery drawing will be held on school grounds on  March 8, 2018 and will be publicized on the school website. The results of the drawing will determine class year placement and wait list order as needed. Individuals on the wait list in accordance with their rank number will fill any mid-term vacancy. Parents and/or guardians will be notified of their status within a few days via a email from the Lotterease program. Confirmation of the seat is required.

Method for conducting random lottery after application deadline: 

  • Lottery will take place with authorizing agency compliance officer present.

  • A single public random drawing will be held.

  • Students who are currently enrolled in or who reside in the elementary school attendance area of the Public elementary school(s) in which Valley Life Charter is located (for purposes of the Charter School Facility Grant Program) will receive a 2:1 preference for the lottery. Those in the Cottonwood Creek, and Crestwood schools will receive preference.

Wait lists for each grade level will be maintained and yearly the admissions officer will determine if wait list applicants wish to remain on the wait list for future openings. 


Wait list

The 2019-2020 wait list is still available through Lotterease


Understanding the wait list

The wait list is created from our Lottery held each year. Names entered in the lottery are first drawn to fill any open seats in that particular grade and then continues to draw to produce the wait list for that grade level.

This list is an “active” list. This means that names on the list move up and down as the seats are accepted or declined. Additionally, we try to keep our families together, therefore siblings are given a preference. An example of this is, if a student receives a seat and has a confirmed sibling, he or she will move to the top of the wait list and bump those at the top down.

Our wait list DOES NOT roll over to the following year. New entries must be done on a yearly basis.