Jennifer Ramage

Transitional Kindergarten 



Personal Mission Statement:

My life’s journey is to love and follow Jesus Christ.

I want to be my husband’s partner in life.

I will love and support my children, inspiring them towards greatness, challenging and teaching them.

I will use my talents and gifts such as listening and teaching.

I want to be known as someone who is honorable, respectful, hard working, passionate, kind, giving, positive, a risk taker and fun.

I want to pray and read scripture daily.

I want to eat healthy and exercise regularly.

I want to read often.

I want to encourage and walk along side others.


Classroom Mission Statement: 

We are learning everyday

To be leaders while we play.

Our goals are to read, write and sing

While we try to do the right thing.

Being proactive is what we do

Here at Valley Life Charter School.


Code of Conduct:

1. We will be nice to others

2. We will listen and follow directions.

3. We will keep our hands to ourselves.

4. We will use quiet voices.

5. We will raise our hands to talk