Ruth Johnstone



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Personal Mission Statement:

My chief purpose on the planet is to glorify God with all of my heart, mind and soul. The best way for me to do this is by serving others. 

Serving with my heart is keeping myself physically healthy and facilitating the health of others: food, health, exercise, sports, recreation, actions. 

Serving with my mind is continuing to be a student of life while on the planet and helping others to continue to learn: intellect, academics, research, teaching, mentoring, thinking, pondering, meditating, discussing. 

Serving with my soul is keeping my passions surrendered to God and allowing myself to follow my passions to their fulfillment: passion, intention, origins of thoughts and action, this is the bottom line and is what needs to continue to be developed because it is what continues on. Everything I do falls into one of these categories. 

In a nut shell my mission statement is to love God and carpe diem.