Technology Department at VLCS!

Welcome to the technology section of staff links.

Please check out our frequently asked questions below or Amy’s website before you fill out an e-ticket

These are some common problems and solutions.

If you try these and your problem is still not solved, contact the tech team via the e-ticket form below.

There are links to videos, presentations, and handouts that are helpful for many of the common things

we use such as Google Classroom, Illuminate, Clever, etc

E-Ticket Form

If you have a technology related request or issue that has come up that is not about fixing a log in issue, please fill out the e-ticket below.

This is also the form to request Audio/Visual set up for an event/lesson.

If you have an issue with a staff or student log in, please email the entire tech department using tech team in the email address, and we will fix it as soon as possible. Thank you!