Wednesday Wisdoms: August 19th, 2015

Good Morning All,

Our technology department will be sending out regular reminders and/or tips to assist in the use of technology.

1) Please sign in to Google Chrome with VLCS email and login when opening a browser for internet searches. This will allow you keep all your passwords, search history, as well as get the updates/add-ons we send out such as "read and write for google." This will allow you to log onto different computers and keep these same settings.  To ensure you are signed in to chrome, your name should appear in the upper right hand corner of the screen, just left of the minimize button (instead of a picture of a blank head).

2) Please refer to  Page 21 of the "Staff Handbook" for our updated technology guidelines: Re: bringing your own technology on campus. The password for staff links is: staff1516.

3)Please remember to use the "e-ticket" system to request assistance with any technology issues.

4)You will find below the sign-out sheets for the Chromebook carts that are ready for check out.  Please sign up on these sheets and be sure to make sure all Chromebooks are returned to the cart and plugged into the chargers.  Downstairs carts will be located in room 15 (Darcie's room.) The Chromebooks are numbered to help ensure the carts are staying organized.  ALSO, Refrain from removing charging cords from the carts!


Star Scream Downstairs Chrome Cart

Wind Charger Downstairs Chrome Cart

Optimus Prime Upstairs Cart

Posted on September 16, 2015 .