VLCS School Dress Code

VLCS adheres to a strict dress code – the dress code is enforced whenever students are on campus including the After School Program. Additionally, students must adhere to the dress code when representing VLCS off campus. VLCS students show their individuality through character and leadership. We have a high standard for learning and expect an academic environment. By putting first things first, academics before fashion, students learn to become leaders.

Dress Code Violations: If a student is out of dress code, they will be issued a Dress Code Warning; parents may be called to bring a change of clothing to school that is compliant with our dress code. On the fourth Dress Code Warning, the student will receive a one day suspension.


All garments must fit appropriately and be in good repair. Except outer wear, all visible garments (including layered tank shirts and leggings) must conform to the policies below as they pertain to shirts and pants/bottoms. Undergarments are not to be visible at any time.

  • Shirts: Must have a collar and may be button down or polo styles with short or long sleeves. Shirts may not be see through. Approved colors: black, blue, yellow, white, or grey. Colors must be solid and have no visible graphics or writing, with the exception of shirts purchased from Valley Life Charter School and having the official logo. *Shirts may not be tied/knotted; example -tied at shoulders or waist. Spaghetti straps are not allowed.

  • Pants/Bottoms: May be pants, capris, shorts, skorts, or jumpers. We advise that leggings be worn beneath skirts and NOT as pants. Approved colors: blue, black, grey, khaki/tan, white, denim. Colors must be solid and be free of excessive embellishments. Shorts must be as long as the finger tips when arms are resting at their sides - whether or not they are worn with leggings or tights - no cut-offs. Pants must be in good repair, holes are not allowed, and must sit at the waist - no sagging. Yoga/stretchy pants are not allowed.

  • Socks, tights, leggings: Approved colors: white, blue, black khaki/tan, grey, yellow. Colors must be solid, and socks must be matching pairs. Leggings may be worn with shorts, skorts, or jumpers, and cannot be worn alone as pants.

  • Outer wear: Coats and jackets may be of any color. Sweaters and hoodies must be black, blue, yellow, white, grey, or khaki/tan. (If it is worn in the classroom, it must match our dress code)

  • Shoes: May be of any color. All shoes must be closed-toe with a back. Open-toe sandals and Crocs or similar style clogs are not permitted. Shoes with cleats, spikes, or wheels are not allowed.


  • Although hats and sunglasses are allowed outside, they may not be worn inside. VLCS is not responsible for the loss of any glasses worn by students.

Hair & Makeup

Hairstyles and hair color must be appropriate to the learning environment. With the exception of School Spirit Days and Dollar Dress Days, unnatural hair colors (purple, green, blue, etc.) are not permitted. 

  • Makeup: Students in grades 7 and above are permitted to wear makeup that is appropriate to the learning environment. Students in grades 6 and lower are not permitted to wear makeup at school or bring makeup on campus. Your inner beauty never needs makeup.

School Spirit Days

School Spirit Days and Dollar Dress Days: On these occasions, students will be allowed to dress according to a given theme (e.g., Pajama Day) or may pay $1.00 to wear clothing of their own choosing. All clothing on these special days must be appropriate to the learning environment; proper fitting, no spaghetti straps, no open toe shoes, etc. Proceeds from the Dollar Dress Days will be used  to benefit the students at Valley Life Charter School. 

School Spirit days will be on Friday. Special T-shirts will be available to purchase for these days only. 

Students may also wear other T-shirts that have been earned by participating in a VLCS Event such as 

Science Olympiad, Step Up, School Field Trips etc.